Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign! We raised $518,522 in support of Earth Group and the World Food Programme, the equivalent of 1.6 million meals! Watch the Bikeathon recap video here

The Break the Cycle Campaign

We are excited to annouce the launch of Strathcona High School's 2018 Initiative, the "Break the Cycle" Campaign! For the past ten years, the students of Strathcona have come together in support of many different local or global causes.  Through fundraising and service efforts, we have been able to make a difference in many lives and communities and to bring together the students, staff, and greater community of Edmonton in a fun and meaningful way. To learn more about the Scona Initiative, please visit

On March 16-17, the Strathcona community will be hosting our 24hr Bikeathon in support of Earth Group partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP). Earth Group is a grassroots organization created by two Edmontonians which works through a unique partnership with the WFP to feed and educate children living in some of the poorest places on Earth. Our fundraised dollars will be donated directly to the WFP to help fund 1 million school meals for children globally. In addition, our campaign will be providing 100 000 meals to people in Edmonton who are in desperate need via the Edmonton Food Bank.

For additional information on how Earth Group, the WFP, the Edmonton Food Bank, and the Strathcona Initiative relate to one another, check out these infographics.

To summarize, Our goal is to raise funds for 1.1 million meals worldwide and help children gain access to free education, water and food to help break the cycle of poverty! 

Participant Information:

Need help creating a fundraising page on this website? Watch the website demo here

Use the following links to access all you need to know about Bikeathon! 

Use the Important Information Package to read more about how to make the most of your Bikeathon experience. This is built to help captains and volunteers navigate through the Bikeathon process! 

Once your team is approved learn more about how to fundraise here or learn more about sponsorships.

Things to Remember while Fundraising:

  • Record all of your donors on a PLEDGE FORM!

  • All your cheques should be made payable to “World Food Programme”

  • Tax receipts are issued for online donations, and World Food Programme cheques. Tax receipts will not be issued for cash or cheques made payable to Strathcona High School.

  • We will have helpful brochures, email templates, sponsorship letters and more for you to use to help you fundraise that can be found on

Corporate and Business Donation Levels

Platinum = $10000+
Gold = $5000-$10000
Silver = $2500-$5000
Bronze = $1000-$2500

We welcome any company that is interested in becoming an official sponsor of the Break the Cycle Campaign in support of Earth Group. Any company that donates or sponsors us will have their logo displayed on our recognition banner and rotating on screens in the gym during the Bikeathon itself. In addition, Platinum and Gold sponsors will have their logo displayed on this website, our social media, and on our official campaign video that will be posted on YouTube.


Meet some of the student teams and individual participants who are part of the Break the Cycle Campaign!

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